Behind the website Medclinicsturkey.com is a group of entrepreneurs who have been in the tourism industry since the 1970s. In the beginning, the focus was on charter flights from Germany to Turkey, but over time the business expanded to include all sectors of tourism.

After years of experience was accumulated in the field of leisure tourism, the idea was born to apply the expertise and cooperation between partners to the health tourism industry. Thus, the site Medclinicsturkey.com was founded.

Those who are interested in undergoing a medical procedure abroad will find a guide to what services are available in Turkey.

Medclinicsturkey.com offers programs in all areas of medicine, with special emphasis on ophthalmology, dentistry, plastic surgery and hair transplants. The portal gives the opportunity to compare the qualifications of specialists, methods of treatment and the cost of medical care in different clinics. The prices in Turkey are much lower than in Europe and the USA with the same quality and service.

Our clients are served by experienced and knowledgeable medical consultants, each of them a specialist in their field. Selected clinics certified to international standards in Turkey are available with a team of professional doctors and qualified assistants.

From the extensive pool of healthcare facilities that Medclinicsturkey.com has at its disposal, each client can choose the clinic that is most suitable for their personal needs and requirements.

During individual free consultations, our clients are assisted by knowledgeable medical professionals in selecting the most suitable clinic, taking into account their personal priorities and expectations.

Many of the doctors speak your language, however, if language barriers exist, interpreters will be provided by us.

Visit Medclinicsturkey.com for a free consultation. The user-friendly site is designed in such a way that it can be easily operated without prior medical knowledge. We will then contact you and give personal and individual advice.

With over 2 million medical tourists per year, Turkey is one of the five world leaders in health tourism. The government actively supports this sector. In order to provide services at the best possible prices, VAT has been abolished for foreign patients who seek treatment in hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. More than fifty hospitals nationwide have been awarded the JCI certificate, which certifies safe and effective treatment methods, structured working methods and comfortable conditions.

Our mission is to make our guests' dreams come true and let them go home as happy as possible.

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